Selling your home

When you wish to sell your property, *or offer it back to us for rent*, you must formally advise us in writing. You will not be able to sell your property without our permission or knowledge.

A property valuation must be obtained in order to establish the property’s full open market value (OMV) at the time of sale. This should be obtained from an independent Valuation Surveyor. We may arrange this for you but you will bear the cost.

We have an 8 week period (known as the ‘nomination period’), from receipt of the valuation report, in which to introduce a purchaser to you, from the Homes within Reach waiting list. We may introduce up to the 3 purchasers, one of which could be the housing association you originally purchased the property from.

If a new purchaser is identified, they will purchase the property at the same secured percentage to that purchased at initial sale. For example, if you purchased your property for £70,000 which had a full OMV of £100,000, you retain a 70% equity share.

The new purchase price for the property will be calculated using the new OMV of the property, eg:

If the full OMV has increased to £110,000, the purchase price will be £77,000 (70% of £110,000)


If the full OMV has decreased to £90,000, the purchase price will be £63,000 (70% of £90,000)

We may charge a fee** for the introduction of a purchaser to you. This fee will be based on a percentage of your equity share. It is normally less than the typical estate agents’ fee.

If we are unable to nominate a purchaser, and they do not wish to purchase the property, you are at liberty to sell the property on the open market via an estate agent. The property will then be sold at its full open market value and the housing association’s percentage equity share will be repaid upon completion of the sale.

* relates to specific schemes only
** Fees will vary depending on the housing association you have purchased a property from. All charges will be made clear within your re-sale covenant.