Eligibility criteria

Homes within Reach has been designed to help those people who are unable to buy a home without the financial support offered through the schemes.

The schemes operate on a first come, first served basis and applications are assessed in accordance with the allocations policy. Also, applicants will be assessed subject to affordability and availability.

The following criteria help to determine those people who should be considered for the scheme. Please ensure you have reviewed the checklist before completing and returning an application form.

The Checklist
Applicants must:

o Be 18 years of age or over

o Be in permanent employment

o Be unable to afford a home on full ownership

o Be able to purchase between 50% and 90% of the property’s full value

o Be able to provide an ‘in principle’ mortgage offer from a reputable mortgage lender

o Not be in rent arrears, or in breach of a tenancy agreement

o Not already be home owners – (subject to individual circumstances)

If, on completion of the checklist you are still unclear whether or not you are eligible for the scheme, please contact a member of the Homes within Reach team.

Tel: 02920 858145

E-mail: homes.withinreach@unitedwelsh.com

All applicants will be assessed subject to availability and income.