A fabulous opportunity to purchase a band new property at 80% of the market price has arisen in Bridgend. The remaining share of the property will be owned by Valleys to Coast Housing at no cost to you.

There are currently one, two and three bedroom properties being constructed at the Redrow site known as Afon Gardens on Abergarw Road, Brynmenyn for the following prices (prices shown represent the 20% reduction):

2 Bedroom house – £102,816

3 Bedroom house – £123,379

1 Bedroom flat – £79,800

2 Bedroom flat – £92,400

 Property Photographs

These properties feature integrated oven and fridge/freezer and will be completed in February and March 2015.

For more information on the Affordable Housing opportunities and how to apply, please visit, or you can contact us direct on 01656 727971.


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